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Resistance groups condemn ‘israeli’ cold-blooded killing of Palestinian teen in West Bank

Resistance groups based in the Gaza Strip have censured the Israeli army’s killing of a Palestinian teenage boy near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Mohammad Shehadeh, 14, was killed by zionist forces’ gunfire in the town of al-Khader on Tuesday, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, urging an international investigation into the murder.

The Palestinian Wafa news agency quoted local activist Ahmad Salah as saying that Israeli soldiers opened live fire injuring Shehadeh before detaining him and that they prevented ambulances from reaching the victim.

He was shot and critically wounded during confrontations with Israeli forces, who had raided al Khader.

The Islamic Jihad resistance movement strongly condemned the heinous crime committed by the Zionist enemy.

The killing of the Palestinian boy in cold blood is an obvious embodiment of terrorism and aggression against the defenseless people of Palestine, it added.

Similarly, the Hamas resistance group said the murder once again proved the brutality and terrorist acts of the Zionist regime against the innocent Palestinian nation.

It also warned that Shehadeh’s blood will pursue the occupying regime and its criminal leaders “like a curse” and will ignite a revolution and uprising against the enemy.

The Israeli military claimed in a statement that Shehadeh was among three suspects who “hurled Molotov cocktails at passing drivers, endangering their lives.”

However, former al-Khader mayor Adnan Sbeih said Shehadeh was shot on the al-Khader side of the separation barrier, disputing whether he actually posed a risk to motorists.

“The child was maybe 100 meters from the wall. But the army seemed to have fired from much closer. It seemed like the army had prepared an ambush on this side of the wall,” Sbeih said.

Additionally, Ahmad Salah, Muhammad’s cousin, told The Times of Israel that Shehadeh was nowhere near close enough to the wall to threaten Israelis.

“You can see in the videos that he’s still within the houses [of the village]. People filmed from their homes through the windows — that’s not next to the wall,” he noted.

Two other Palestinian teenagers have been killed over the past 10 days in the occupied West Bank during violent confrontations with Israeli soldiers.

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