Resistance Leaders discuss response to Deir al-Balah crime


Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya on Monday phoned secretary-general of Islamic Jihad Ramadan Shallah and discussed with him the repercussions of Israel’s crime in Deir al-Balah, east of central Gaza, earlier on the same day.

According to a statement issued by his office, Haneyya expressed his Movement’s full solidarity with Islamic Jihad.

He described the martyrdom of resistance fighters from al-Qassam Brigades and al-Quds Brigades as a reflection that they share the same fate and aspiration for victory and liberation.

The two officials also talked about the seriousness and repercussions of the Deir al-Balah crime and the objectives Israel wanted to achieve from that, and explored ways to respond to the attack.


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