Resistance to victory: Islamic Jihad Tehran Rep. Nasser Abu Sharif


In the conference ‘Gaza: 51 Days of Resistance and Victory’ which was held today, Nasser Abu Shairf, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad representative in Tehran, said, “the war between Gaza and the Zionist regime which led to the victory of the Resistance is not the ultimate objective; but the Resistance’s main goal is to liberate Palestine from Israel and return it to its rightful citizens.”

“Negotiating with Israel is futile for they are seeking to take everything from Palestinian people,” he continued, “the best approach is to continue resistance and fighting until complete victory is achieved.”

“Palestine does not have room for the two sides;” he asserted, “either the Palestinians or the Israelis must reside in it.”

He maintained that the Zionist regime and the West do not merely seek to occupy Palestine but are after harming the Islamic culture, and said, “One of the main objectives of the West is to counter the Islamic culture and has taken this approach in the past and is now intensifying it through terrorist groups such as ISIL.”

Abu Shairf went on saying, “our aim to fight against the Zionist regime is not just to liberate pathways or help fishermen’s employment but to liberate the very land of Palestine from the Zionist clutches.”

“During the recent war between Gaza and the Zionists, a significant unity was formed among the Palestinian people,” he stated, “our resistance led to the Israelis’ distrust in their government and military power.”

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