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Revolutionary Egyptian People rally against ruling junta

Egyptian Islamic and liberal opposition groups staged a major rally in the capital Cairo to protest the ruling junta’s plans to amend the constitution and allow for legal safeguards to the army, Press TV reports.

Hundreds of Thousands people gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square – the focal point for massive demonstrations that brought down the US-sponsored Mubarak regime in February – ahead of a Friday rally described as an attempt to return the revolution back on track.

There is going to be a huge revolution, vowed an protester who called for the recognition of the rights of Egyptians killed and wounded during the February 11 revolution that ousted the Zionists and US-backed regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Mohamed Fathi from the Front to Protect the Revolution group emphasized that the Friday protest will reclaim power from the army and reject Silmi’s document.

Another protester stressed that demands invoked by the people are the revolution’s demands and that the sit-ins will remain open “until we leave.”

Earlier this month, Egypt’s Deputy Prime Minister Ali al-Silmi showed a constitutional draft to political groups in the North African country.

The draft would give the army exclusive authority over its internal affairs and budget, and would also shield the army from legislative scrutiny.

But talks between the government and the opposition snagged on the issues, prompting political parties and democracy campaigners to protest.

Activists and political groups are increasingly critical of military rulers’ management of Egypt’s transitional period, which they had promised would last for only six months.

They also widely criticized the head of the ruling military council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, for his reluctance to implement sweeping changes and dismantle elements of the former regime.

The military rulers have yet to give a clear timetable for their plan to step down and hand over power.

They have instead proposed holding the presidential elections by late next year.

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