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Rohani: Israeli regime must be eliminated

f135ede058a29789e87b4a6c11bc1d85_LIranian President elect Hassan Rohani has said the Zionist regime must be eliminated.

According to IRIB, Rohani made the remarks on the sidelines of the rallies commemorating the International Quds Day in Tehran on Friday.
He reiterated that the Zionist regime is a wound on the body of Islam that must be eliminated.
He said: “The International Quds Day is actually for this aim that Muslims never forget their historical right and l constantly stand against oppression.”
The Iranian President elect commented on the message of the International Quds Day, saying: “The presence of people in the Quds Day rallies is a spiritual and political backing for the Palestinian nation on the way to reach the sacred goals and liberating the holy Quds.”
He further added: “In the pretext of compromising, Israel continues its aggression against the Palestinian people because it thinks that compromising is a good opportunity for it to show a peaceful face while the aggression continues.”

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