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Rouhani: Continuity of Islamic Gov’t Guaranteed by Eid Al-Qadir

Iran’s outgoing President Hassan Rouhani said that Eid al-Qadir guaranteed continued ruling of Islamic government in the world.

President Rouhani made the remarks on Thursday during inauguration ceremony of national urban and road projects via video conference.

“I simulate the day of Qadir to the migration of Prophet of Islam from Mecca to Medina,” he said.

The Prophet invited people to the holy religion of Islam in Mecca, but He initiated the Islamic government in Medina; so, the migration is being translated into the start of the Islamic government, Rouhani noted.

The president called Qadir Khom event as the second big movement, saying that the issue of governance is being raised in Qadir event once more, and that the migration to Medina formed the start of the Islamic government and Qadir was the beginning of the continuity of the Islamic government.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) raised Imam Ali’s hand and said, “Of whomsoever I am a master, Ali is his master,’ Rouhani noted, adding that the Prophet told the audience in the Qador Khom event that who are credible to rule in Islamic world.

Eid Al-Qadir commemorates the last sermon of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), when he introduced Ali (PBUH) (the first Imam of the Shiites) as his successor and Imam of Muslims.

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