Rouhani: Enemies still seeking revenge on Iranian people

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that enemies are still seeking revenge against Iranian people.

“Not only the monarchy regime, but also all superpowers were opposing the will of our people and because of that, the anti-Iranians are still after seeking revenge from the Iranian nation,” said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

He made the remarks on Monday while attending the Conference on Renovation Plan for the Roads Transportation Fleet.

“To renovate old vehicles, in addition to considering the environment, we have to also consider saving energy,” reiterated the Iranian senior executive.

“If it were not for the sacrifice, selflessness, resistance, and preservation of the Iranian people, it would have been impossible the Revolution of the people to overcome the regime of Shah which was backed by all superpowers of that age and had dispatched all their capacities against the people,” said the Iranian president.

“All the world has joined their league against the Revolution, notwithstanding the point that the victory of the Revolution startled the whole world. Nobody at that time could believe that a movement founded by a cleric and religious figure and followed by mosque goers could triumph and the method yields results,” he said.


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