Russia: Syrian Militants Surely Used Chemical Weapons


Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin accused the Syrian militants of using chemical weapons in Aleppo, stressing that Russia has provided the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon with the necessary compelling evidence.

“I have just provided the Secretary General with the outcomes of the of the Russian studies that were conducted on samples taken at Khan al-Assal site,” Churkin said.

“The results of the analysis clearly indicate that the ordnance used in Khan al-Assal was not industrially manufactured and was filled with sarin [poison gas],” Churkin added.

The Syrian militants had launched on March 19 a number of shells on Khan al-Assal, which is under the control of the Syrian army, and killed 26 people.

Churkin pointed out that the samples were analyzed in a Russian laboratory which is approved by the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons Organization.

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