Russian and Arab Analysts Reject AL Decisions against Syria

Russian and Arab researchers and analysts expressed rejection of the Arab League decisions against Syria, dismissing them as a “misstep”.

Top researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow Boris Dolgov said the Arab League decision has been taken under the pressure of NATO, Western countries and israel which seek to destroy Syria.

In an interview with the Syrian TV, Dolgov said that the Russian and Chinese stances on Syria can prevent foreign military intervention in Syria, adding that the Russian and Chinese veto poses an obstacle to this intervention.

Khaled al-Ani, member of the Russian Committee for Supporting the Syrian People said Syria is the ”spearhead” in the Arab struggle against the zionist expansionism and imperialism, adding that Syria is an independent country and has always kept it doors open to the Arabs.

Maxim Shevchenko, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, reminded in a press conference that Syria has hosted more than 2 million displaced Iraqis in the wake of the US invasion of Iraq and supports the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance.

He warned of grave consequences in case Syria is destabilized, affirming that Russia won’t allow foreign intervention in Syria.

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