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Saudi Arabia, Qatar Proved to Arm Syria Rebels

sy (1)The electronic Syrian Army received a document proving that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanese former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr are involved in arming the so-called Syrian opposition.

“The Syrian Electronic Army” declared attaining a confidential document containing a frank confession of the involvement of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hariri, and Saqr in arming the so-called Syrian opposition, through an electronic campaign made by the Army’s groups against private diplomatic networks in some Gulf countries.

The document, a confidential memo addressing the Qatari Embassy in Ankara to the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, revealed details of a meeting between the Embassy’s consultant and a diplomatic figure in the Gulf, who both deliberated another meeting in Ankara with a Syrian opposition member.

The document further mentioned that the meeting deliberated Qatar and Saudi’s funding of the so-called opposition via the Lebanese MP and former PM Saad Hariri, who in turn dealt with his mediator Oqab Saqr.

Moreover, the document revealed, “Saqr sends only 70% of the money and weapons to the [so-called] Syrian rebels,” stating, “any step made to change the leader of the [so-called] “Free Syrian Army” was submitted to the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglo, who did not show any reservations to the matter in question.”

The leaked document is as follows:

His Excellency Brother Ali Ben Fahed al-Hajiri

Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Assistant

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Best Greetings,

I would like to inform Your Excellency that Mr. Hamad Ben Mohammad al-Dousri – the Embassy’s consultant -informed me of his meeting with a Gulf diplomat in Ankara, who gave him a copy of his meeting with a Syrian opposition member in Turkey, whose name was not mentioned. I am pleased to attach the said report; it mentioned that the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offer aid to the Syrian opposition via Saad Hariri, who in turn deals with a mediator named Oqab Saqr. In reference to the report, the so-called Oqab is suspected to be involved with the Syrian Intelligence.

The report also mentioned that Mr. Oqab sends only 70% of money and weapons to the opposition and the Free Army.
Likewise, the report pointed out to the following fact: (I clarify that the step of changing the leader of the Free Army comes as a response to attempts, the latest being changing the Free Army’s name since “the National Syrian Army” is more comprehensive and includes all resistance and the Syrian rebelling society, whereas Mr. al-Asaad is not enough to resist these attempts. It also attested to have cited this scenario: “Appointing Colonel Riyad al-Asaad as a link between the Free Syrian Army and the opposition’s National Syrian Council, and assigning a new leader nominated by officers of the Free Syrian Army as his successor” to the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglo, where the latter did not display any reservations to the matter in question.
In parallel, the report demanded more time to present the matter to the Turkish party for deliberation and response later on. It also mentioned that it did not propose this to any other country, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.)

Furthermore, the source noted that it will meet a Syrian opposition figure soon in Ankara after the latter returns from Istanbul, and called on Mr. al-Dousri to participate in the next meeting with the Syrian opposition member if he had any desire to do so. Mr. al-Dousri informed him that he will tell him then after receiving orders from us by participating or not.

– The diplomatic source is considered a competent and reliable diplomat in Ankara, has exceptional activity, and occupies as the second man in the Gulf Embassy.

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