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Saudi military positions in Jeddah hit by Yemeni missiles

Military targets of the Saudi-led coalition in Jeddah have been reportedly targeted by Yemeni armed forces via several missiles and combat drones.

Local sources reported missile and drone operations by the Yemeni armed forces and popular committees against targets in southern and western Saudi Arabia.

Sabereen News, a Telegram channel close to the Resistance Front, reported on Tuesday morning that the Yemenis fired several missiles at the military targets of the Saudi-led coalition in Jeddah and deep inside Saudi Arabia.

Al-Alam’s correspondent also said that after the Yemeni operation against Jeddah, all flights were suspended at the city’s airport and at Jazan airport; the skies over these areas were emptied of aircraft from Saudi Arabia.

Some sources say the military section of Jeddah airport has been targeted by Yemeni missiles, and aviation intelligence images show planes landing at Jeddah airport spinning in the sky and landing position.

Further details of the operation have not yet been released.

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