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Saudi offers to invade Syria are mocked by Iran and Syria


The Al-Saud regime cannot be too happy about the recent responses they received from the Iranian and Syrian governments about the Wahhabi state’s offer to invade Syria. Walid Mou’allem (Syria’s Foreign Minister) issued a response that promised to send the Saudi ground forces back in “wooden boxes” if they stepped foot inside of Syria. As if the threat of sending Saudi soldiers back to their homeland in wooden boxes was not insulting enough, the Syrian Foreign Minister mocked the Al-Saud regime repeatedly for their diplomatic hypocrisy and military blunders.

Sharing Syria’s humor in regards to the Al-Saud regime’s offer to invade Syria, the Iranian Government poked fun at the Saudi Army’s military prowess, stating that the latter did not possess the “courage” to go through with a ground invasion. The commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard forces – General Mohammad Al-Ja’afari – added that if the Saudi Army entered Syria, they would be “wiped out”.

“The Saudis have made this claim, but I don’t believe they are brave enough to do so. Even if they send troops to Syria, they would be defeated; it would be suicide for them.” It is safe to say that both Iran and Syria do not view the Saudi Army as much of a threat.

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