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Saudi Regime more zionist than Obama:US Policy Has been Wrong, Arming Syria Militants Urgent


Former Saudi intelligence agency chief has demanded sending more arms to foreign-backed Takfiri militants fighting the Syrian government, expressing concern that the continuation of war in the couPrince Turkintry would endanger Israeli.

In an interview with American daily newspaper Washington Post, Prince Turki al-Faisal urged supplying arms to the militants to swing the balance of power on the ground in Syria, which is now in favor of President Bashar al-Assad.

“You are facing al-Qaeda and its units in Syria. Volunteers from all over the world are in Syria. Therefore, if the war continues, it will not be limited to Syria,” he said.

Al-Faisal said the American policy has been wrong. “I think the world community is definitely at fault here. The Russians because they are supporting Bashar and allowing him to do the killing. The Chinese because they have vetoed any measures in the United Nations to prevent him doing that. The Europeans for not supplying the opposition with weapons. The United States for continually not supplying the opposition with what they need. It’s a worldwide apathy — a criminally negligent attitude toward the Syrian people. “

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