Sayyed Ali Fadlallah: We learn selflessness, sacrifice and patience in Hajj

A senior Lebanese cleric urged the need to stay away from fabricating class ritual in a worship aimed at eliminating differences between Muslims.

Speaking to TNA reporter in Beirut, Sayyed Ali Fadlallah, pointing out that communication secured by this duty, is what Muslims need in their reality, to enhance their strengths, and to remove all sensitivities and tensions that may occur as a result of spaces, and what impedes them from carrying out their responsibilities towards each other.

He said that the main benefits of the Hajj, is facilitating communication between the Muslims and remove barriers that impede this communication, whether geographic or psychological barriers, that may arise from differences in social position or political, or variation of sectarian, or the diversity of countries, colors and nationalities.

God Almighty did not want to this worship to be like other acts of worship, each performed individually, but wanted Muslims to practice it together in one place, dressed alike, meet together, touring together, seek together, stand in Arafat and Muzdalifah, and sleep in Mena together .. And sacrifice and stoning the devils together, do not distinguish among colors and diversity of languages, countries or other …

Sayyed Ali Fadlallah revealed that seminars have basics roles and effective in the removal of sensitivities, which produces in many cases of misunderstanding and difference, the concerns felt by every sector group or Islamic country to the other .. In this sense, “we can say that the forums and meetings that seek to remove sediment and errors among Muslims, has been able to play a major role in this area, and eased a lot of tensions .. We call for more such meetings in every Islamic country, to grow through this culture of reconciliation, and become the basis in the Islamic mind”.

He also appreciated the role of Taqrib complex for approximation in organizing its conference in the pilgrimage, taking advantage of this annual meeting to confirm the unity of Muslims and their power.

He called to face the challenges facing the Islamic world, especially at this stage, where the arrogance seeks to direct the movement of peoples is in the false direction .. As well as the dangers that beset the Muslim reality, even the Muslims aware of their reality, and renounce all titles of sedition”.

About the Extravagance in spending and gifts, Fadlallah called the Pilgrims to take advantage of the valuable opportunity that may not be available to them again, thus they should take the maximum benefit, so the pilgrimage contribute to change their reality for the better. Therefore, we believe while pilgrims want to bring joy to those who wait for him, and bring them gifts, we note that he must not be occupied by his duty of pilgrimage in the first place, and called pilgrims to not be extravagant in matters of form at the expense of the fundamental things issues.

Concerning the meaning of sacrificing in Hajj, is what we learn from the story of Ibrahim (AS) with his son Ismail, the first of these meanings, it is full recognition to the Lord, the Sacred House, and absolute obedience to Him whatever is the price we can offer for the satisfaction of God Almighty.

“We learn selflessness, sacrifice and patience on the affliction till we purify ourselves from everything that pulls us into the world or away from God’s command, and the desire to please ourselves or one of the slaves”, the ayatollah said.

Sayyed Ali Fadlallah concluded by the most important moral dimensions after performing the Hajj, is a return to normal life, after being purified of every abomination or a sin, and returns to life to initiate a new beginning including the gift of God’s grace and forgiveness, and detached from every sin that can be an obstacle to the clarity of his soul and self, and the rush to do good and support issues relating to the right of the nation’s issues.

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