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Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei: Month of Rajab an opportunity for supplication to God


In a meeting with the chairman and members of Iran’s Assembly of Experts, Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei said God Almighty’s companionship and accompaniment is a definitive, reassuring and rousing promise for the “front of good” and pointed to the bright future for beloved Iran, stressing, “The condition for the realization of this indisputable divine pledge is the fulfilment of the duties of scholars, officials and educational and promotional apparatuses with regard to the promotion of faith in society, and their practical commitment to piety and abstention from aristocracy as well as making endeavors and struggles along with perseverance.”

Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei recalled the very high sensitivity and exceptional position of the Assembly of Experts, adding, “At the same time, this Assembly has a prominent scholarly aspect and is in fact a living manifestation of the interconnection of politics and religion.”

Supreme Leader pointed to Iran’s hard battle and difficult political, economic, social, cultural and security war against the enemies’ full-scale offensive, saying indeed, there are some people who are opposed to this position and believe that the Islamic Republic has initiated this war, but this assumption is a kind of oversight, because the very essence of the existence of the Islamic Republic and a religious state as well as the aspirations and objectives of Islamic establishment such as monotheism, social justice, combat against tyranny and support for the oppressed drive the enemies of religion to war and assault just as, as repeatedly cited in the verses of the Holy Quran, the front of good has throughout history always been subject to the offensive of evil.”

The Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei said the important point in the constant confrontation between right and wrong is the definitive promise of God Almighty about the victory of the good front, adding, “Of course, the fulfilment of this pledge hinges on the commitment of the faithful to conditions such sincere motive, patience, insight, endeavour and perseverance and by observing these conditions, the materialization of this promise is part of the indisputable and unmodifiable divine traditions.”

Supreme Leader said the frequent and varied expressions in Holy Quran to described God Almighty’s companionship, accompaniment and support for the good front are very important, deeply comforting and most heartwarming verses of the Quran and added, “Through their faith in the divine promise and commitment to the conditions to its realization, prophets and divine messengers turned this pledge into reality at various junctures in history just as we witnessed this support and companionship by God in the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defence [against Iraqi aggression in the 1980s].”

Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei said faith, piety and beneficence are among the conditions for the companionship of God Almighty and stressed, “The officials, scholars, those whose remarks are heard from minbars (pulpits in mosques) and other platforms, vast apparatuses such as the Education (Ministry), (ministry) of higher education (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), and particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting must fulfil their duties with regard to the realization of the conditions for the companionship of God Almighty, namely ‘faith, piety and beneficence cultivation’ in society.”

Supreme Leader said the country’s perseverance and accomplishments in the face of the assault of the massive political, financial, military, security and cultural front of the US and Zionism owe to the blessing of the existence of the faith and piety in a great stratum of the people and youth, adding, “At the same time, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution described “the actions” of the officials and scholars such as the members of the Assembly of Experts as being more effective than verbal promotion, reiterating, “Abstaining from mammonsim and aristocracy and [undertaking] diligent endeavour and efforts by the officials and scholars, even if not done before the eyes of the public, will draw divine mercy and assert greater influence on the people and the faith of the people will grow stronger and they will tread the rightful path more confidently when they do not see any disparity between our words and actions.”

Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei cited the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini’s practicing nature and practical guidance of the people were among reasons for his miraculous success, stressing, “The realization of these points will bring about the companionship and accompaniment of God Almighty and we come to enjoy God Almighty’s accompaniment, we will deal with bullying powers bravely and at the same time wisely and efficiently.”

Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei based on precise intelligence expressed satisfaction with the new germination and the young and promising generation in various fields, adding, “A great assemblage of faithful and active youth who have not seen the [late] Imam and the Sacred Defence is pursuing the goals of the Revolution robustly and with deep faith.”
He added, “There is a youthful, diligent and fervid movement in the country that has reinforced my belief in a future much better than today for Iran.”

Supreme Leader added, “Of course, we are aware of the peoples’ livelihood and other problems; however, we believe that there is no insoluble problem in the country and God willing I will speak to the people on these issues with the people in the next few days.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also expressed gratitude over the report of the chairman and vice chairman of the Assembly of Experts, Ayatollahs Ahmad Jannati and Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, respectively, and voiced satisfaction with the formation of a think tank in the recent meeting of the Experts.”

Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei also commemorated the memory of Ayatollah Nasrallah Shahabadi, the representative of the people of Tehran in the Assembly of Experts, who recently passed away and prayed for the elevation of the status of the glorious scholar.”

Supreme Leader also pointed to the upcoming blessed month of Rajab and said this lunar calendar month is an opportunity for supplication, invocation and proximity to God.

Prior to the remarks of theLeader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei provided a report on the activities of the Assembly of Experts and pointed to the formation of the think tank, saying, “The Assembly of Experts think tank has been created with the goal of monitoring and surveying the advances and problems and macro-assessment of the movement of the Islamic Revolution and with the objective of generating discourse and outlining goals.”

In a report on the fourth meeting of the fifth Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi said, “In these meetings, the people’s cultural issues and livelihood problems were among the most important points of the speeches of the members of the Assembly of Experts.”

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