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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Response to STL Documented

Hezbollah will soon make available Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s July 2, 2011 press conference in which he presented evidence about the illegitimacy of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in both soft and hard copies translated into English, French, and Spanish languages besides Arabic.

The book’s introduction includes a brief account of events which followed the formation of STL. The foreword reveals how periodical reports of the Independent International Investigation Committee (IIIC) relied on false testimonies, fabricated by the IIIC and other Lebanese political parties.

Following some recent media leaks about the STL intention to point the finger at Hezbollah for Hariri’s 2005 assassination, his eminence the Secretary General held several press conferences to refute accusations against the Resistance and to define the gaps and fabrications which the investigation was based upon.

The book includes copies of exclusive STL documents, photos and maps displayed during the press conference, as tangible evidence of fraud, corruption, politicization within the STL.
Some documents reveal how IIIC computers were transferred to The Hague through occupied territories, knowing that the sensitive content of these devices could jeopardize the secrecy and the security of the information, especially when Israel is involved. The book also contains information about some of Prosecutor General Daniel Bellemare’s advisers, many of whom had served in the CIA and had good ties with the Israeli Mossad.

Moreover, the book documents, in pictures, how former IIIC Chief Detlev Mehlis’s Deputy Gerhard Lehmann received bribes in return for some IIIC documents related to the Hariri assassination probe. The book features easy-to-read text and high resolution pictures printed on high quality papers, and the attached DVD contains the complete press conference with optional subtitle in English, French, and Spanish languages.

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