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Sayyed Nasrallah Calls for Joining “Union of Hearts” Reciting As-Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyya’s 7th Supp.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called upon Muslims around the world to participate in the “Union of Hearts” campaign which will take place Wednesday 8:30 pm, the eve of 15th Shaaban, and the supplications that will be recited are the seventh supplication in As-Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyya “O He through whom…” and the Supplication of Preservation “Allahuma kun li-waliyyik…”.

In a speech he delivered Tuesday night in which he tackled the latest developments on the health and cultural levels, Sayyed Nasrallah also talked about the coming Islamic occasion, the birth of Imam Mahdi on the 15th of Shaaban.

His eminence initiated his speech by sending a message of gratitude to the healthcare team for all their efforts in fighting the Coronovirus. He addressed them with the same words he addressed the mujahedeen with in July 2006 war, considering that they are fighting a life threatening enemy just as the mujahedeen did in the war against the Israeli enemy back then.

Sayyed Nasrallah further assured that the battle against this virus is humanitarian in the first place and it is not related to any religion, political side, or race.

His statement came in response to a letter he received from the Muslim Doctors Committee which included “…We are where you want us to be… We vow to defend our people with our souls – which is under your leadership – and become idols in sacrifice, firmness, courage and scientific qualification…”.

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah remembered the great martyred Imam Sayyed Mohammad Baqer Al-Sadr and his sister Bint-Alhuda as today marks the day of their martyrdom.

His eminence brought back quotes in which Imam Al-Sadr expressed full faith in Imam Khomeini’s leadership, as well as his spiritual and influential role in establishing the resistance movements.

Moving on to the main topic of his speech, the 15th of Shaaban, Sayyed Nasrallah stated a hadeeth by Imam Mohammad Al-Baqer (as) in which he said that the eve of the 15th of Shaaban was the best eve after Al-Qadr stressing that “we need to focus our prayers on this eve for all our supplications regarding both this life and the afterlife.”

Sayyed Nasrallah referred to the presence of the savior in all the religious books but under different names {And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land is inherited by My righteous servants} Al-Anbiya:105.

“They are the virtuous, faithful ones who never oppress… they are the people of knowledge, awareness and responsibility…” he said.

“The term “will inherit the land” is present in the “Book of Psalm” 37:9, 37:11, 37:22, and 37:29,” his eminence added.

Sayyed Nasrallah further explained that while all the religions agree on the awaited arrival of a savior, they disagree on his identity.

The Jews believe he is Jesus, but not Jesus, son of Lady Mary (as), who had come in the past and they hurt… The Christians believe in the return of Jesus, son of Mary (as)… and Muslims believe in the return of two men, first is from the children of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and he is Imam Mahdi (as) and second is Jesus Christ (as) son of Mary (as).

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that people must have awareness today, specifically due to presence of social media which helps in spreading false information much faster, and must not believe everything published concerning quotes and references about the current situation that are far from reality.

“It is true that we are in the end of time, but the end of time could be tens or hundreds or thousands of years. It is said that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the prophet of the end of time,” his eminence asserted.
Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that none of the signs of the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as) set a specific timing for his appearance except for one which is the “Heavenly Cry” (Assayha). It is a call by Gabriel (as) from the sky in which he announces the arrival of Imam Mahdi (as), and every human being – without any exception – will hear this call with the language that he understands. This is the only clear sign that puts a timing for Imam Mahdi’s arrival, which is shortly after it.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that “the more the crises increase the more people of all religions believe that the arrival of a savior is approaching,” adding that “there is no doubt that what is happening today is strange and it had never happened before that 4 billion people all around the world are in quarantine in their homes…”

Yet, he stressed that it is religiously prohibited to put or expect a specific timing for the appearance of the savior because this will only have negative consequences on the faith level of those who expected it to be close in case the arrival did not occur.

In conclusion, his eminence assured that humanity will arrive on its own to what God has drawn.
“Humanity will arrive on its own and not with the power of weapons. As an outcome of all the wars, viruses, hunger, oppression… humanity will get tired, and with the fall of the ideologies, intellectual systems and cultures, humanity will give up on any solution offered by people, so they will return to God. Then, God will allow those (saviors) to appear.”

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