Sayyed Nasrallah: Internal Stability a Priority, Political Solution only Choice

Hezbollah held on Friday a ceremony commemorating the Martyr Leaders’ Day and the passage of one week on the departure of Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi’s father in the Bekaa town of Nabi Sheeth.

The ceremony commenced with some verses from the holy Quran endowed to the souls of Sayyed Ali Al-Moussawi and the martyr leaders- Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi and Hajj Imad Mughniyeh. A video for Sayyed Abbas talking to resistance fighters was shown during the ceremony.

In the name of Al-Moussawi’s family and the martyrs’ families, Sayyed Yasser, son of Sayyed Abbas, thanked people who attended the ceremony, in general, and Sayyed Nasrallah, in particular for sharing with them condolences.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressed people at the memorial service through a large screen via video link. Sayyed Nasrallah began his speech by talking about death and how it subjugates human beings and reminds every individual of his real value. On Sayyed Abu Hussein Al-Moussawi, Sayyed Nasrallah said “he did not miss any opportunity to offer his help for the resistance, he even asked to be allowed to fight with the resistance fighters. He was ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the Islamic Resistance .”

“In memory of the martyr leaders we must preserve their great legacy,” Sayyed Nasrallah added.

We don’t Fear Israel

His eminence commented on the latest statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about attacking Lebanon.

“This reflects Israel’s mentality that is based on killing, spreading fear, and violating sanctities, since its beginning and until today.”

Netanyahu had reportedly said on Wednesday that an Israeli strike against Lebanon would be supported by the United States and countries of the ‘Arab Gulf’. In addition, he remarked that there is no such thing as Lebanon on the world map.

“We should be aware of Israel’s role in the violations of sanctities in the world, like the ones that took place in the United States and Afghanistan,” Hezbollah secretary general said concerning the burning of copies of the holy Quran blatantly.

“The Zionist schemes aim at turning the conflict into a Christian-Muslim sectarian one and we, as Muslims, should be careful when defending our prophets not to desecrate other prophets, and we must recognize the Israeli hands in chaos in our region.”

Sayyed Nasrallah said that lately, bombings took place in Baghdad where car bombs were placed in the morning light, “this is a terrible murder and this is not brand new. If we count the number of Iraqis killed by car bombs and suicide bombings we’ll find hundreds of thousands of deaths, with the exclusion of those killed by the occupation.”

“Why is this proscription for the blood of Iraqis? Who wants to destroy Iraq? I just remind you of a statement we used to say from the beginning of the US occupation to Iraq, and it is that the Israeli scheme is to destroy Iraq because if it was allowed to recover it would be a strong country with huge potentials. We all know that the Iraqi people are educated and therefore they could be in front of a new model. Israelis don’t want this Iraq because of their religious backgrounds and expectations, because they believe that the wind of change will come from the East (Iran, Iraq and Occupied Palestine). So, they want these countries to be destroyed and remain plunged with conflicts. We must recognize that Israeli and US intelligence are penetrating Takfiri groups when overlooking the utter killing in Somalia, Pakistan and in some Arab countries,” his eminence pointed out.

Regarding Israel’s threats against Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah said that “we have learned from our martyr leaders Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad, that we should not fear. Neither Netanyahu nor Barak or Olmert… scare us. Let them say whatever they want, threaten and do whatever they want. In the past, when Israel was according to people strong and invincible it did no scare us, so how about the case today! In the past when we were of very small numbers and had small number of arms, it did not scare us even though it was in the era of its major generals Sharon and Rabin… so how about the case today, while we are of tens of thousands who carry the spirit, firmness, and courage of Sayyed Abbas!”

“For sure, these don’t scare us at all…” his eminence stressed, assuring that the Israeli statements are part of the psychological war.

Region Passing through Transitional, Historic Stage

He assured that we should be aware of the developments inside the Zionist entity, in the region, and in our country, especially as the region is now passing through a transitional and historic stage, reiterating that Lebanon cannot be separated from the regional developments, because it is affected by all what is drawn for the region.

“Today when the Americans and the Israelis draw a project for the region, they cannot ignore the role and affect of Lebanon in the countries’ equations and this is because of the resistance and the army, people, and resistance formula,” Sayyed Nasrallah further stated, considering that Lebanon’s choice to disassociate itself from the regional developments is a just settlement so that the government continues.

He assured that “we should be aware and responsible towards what is happening in the region,” adding that “after 20 years of resistance we still see that the priority is to confront the Israeli threat on Lebanon and the region, and our means to confront it is resistance and the tripartite formula, the army, people, and resistance.”

Importance of Internal Security, Political Stability

Based on that, his eminence indicated that seeing the current regional situation, and from the resistance’s position in confronting the Israeli danger, “we stress the importance of internal security and political stability in Lebanon.”

“Those who want riot in the region and want to push Syria, Iraq or other countries into internal civil or sectarian wars, also want the same thing for Lebanon… therefore, out of responsibility and concern, we should verbally and practically avoid anything that could ignite such incitements,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, pointing out that “even in diverse issues, such as the Syrian situation, we should all be able to express our position from the developments there without using an inciting language.”

“The method to deal with all the attempts to stir up incitements in the region is by limiting them to their areas first, preventing their expansion and then putting them down. This is the humanitarian, moral and religious responsibility of any concerned and loyal person,” Hezbollah Secretary General stated.

“My brothers and sisters, we, as human beings who belong to the Abrahamic religion, to Ibrahim, Moussa, Issa, and Mohammad (PBUT), we are people of mercy and we grieve over bloodshed in any place, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan… but it is not enough to grieve and feel pain, we should look for the right stance and performance that would stop such incitements and conflicts,” Sayyed Nasrallah went on saying.

Lebanese Government’s Duty

His eminence tackled the Lebanese government’s role. He pointed to the importance of preserving this government so that the political and security stability continues. However, he emphasized that this should not be an excuse for the cabinet elements not to be productive and active in other fields.

He said that the government’s role is not restricted to preserving stability and security only, but it should be responsible on the security, political, development, financial, economic, social, and administrative levels.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah referred to the gas and oil file, indicating that “this country cannot continue to live under poverty and debt”, and called on the government to follow up the Lebanese oil in the sea “because Lebanon cannot continue to rely on foreign aid for these are not given for free”.

“America and the West are controlling the world countries today by their hunger and debts, Sayyed Nasrallah stated, adding: “When America and Europe give aid for Lebanon, it is not because of their love to the Lebanese, but because of the political role that they want it to play in their agenda.”

“Lebanon cannot have its real sovereignty, independence and free decision while it is completely reliant and in need of the West,” he added.

International Attempts to Distort Resistance Image

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah commented on the former Egyptian Internal Affairs Minister’s claim that Hezbollah and Hamas members shot at protesters, dubbing it “an attempt to distort the resistance’s image”.

He also sarcastically criticized the various claims that Hezbollah is present in different countries in the world, and assured: “We respect all the countries and peoples and we don’t interfere in anyone’s affairs. We only take political stances, especially if they were related to our central cause”.

Finding Political Solution

Sayyed Nasrallah repeated his invitation for the Arab and Islamic world to find political solutions for its problems, highlighting the insistence on putting aside any such solution in Syria.

His eminence pointed out that the West neither wants a political solution to the crisis in Syria, nor does it want to militarily interfere there, because it only wants the conflict to be among Arabs.

“There are two parts fighting in Syria, but let us see who is determined to fight. Who is determined to reject any political solution? Who is determined to reject any dialogue? Who is pushing for more fighting? Listen to Clinton, listen to the Israeli and the West.”

Here, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that “of course, they want an Arab fight. Neither America is ready to send its troops to Syria, nor the NATO… because they don’t want more soldiers to be killed. They send money and arms so that the Syrians fight each other. They ask the Arabs to send to Syria the militants who they previously sent to Iraq so that it gets destroyed.”

Hezbollah secretary general also referred to the Bahraini situation, considering that “a political solution in Bahrain is prohibited even if the government wanted it,” in reference to a regional and international role there.

Moreover, he highlighted the incidents in Saudi Arabia, pointing to the harsh response to the protests taking place in Qatif and Al-Awamia.

“Protesters there are not calling for toppling the regime, they are rather demanding some reforms, rights and developments in one of the poorest areas in Saudi Arabia, knowing that it is one of the richest areas in oil,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

In conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah reassured that America and Israel’s goals are to destroy and spread riot in the region, and to ignite sectarian, national, racial … conflicts. However, he assured that “no matter how much America tries to improve its image today; people are aware now of the American and Israeli projects.”

“As long as America and the West adopt Israel that violates Al-Aqsa mosque on daily basis, as well as the churches and mosques in Palestine, kills, and occupies lands, it will not be accepted… and this is why it works on creating conflicts,” he said.

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