Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim Calls for Building a Solid Internal Front Against Terrorism

1a1f9f8340953c08ccc7f42cdc5f0cbfThe Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, expressed his hope that youngsters lead the development and country construction process for the country, regardless of the circumstances that might hinder that. In the speech he delivered at the celebration organized by the Islamic congregation of Iraqi students on the occasion of the Prophet’s birth and held in the Martyr Hakim auditorium at the University of Baghdad, under the auspices of the University’s Presidency on Sunday, January 19, 2014, His Eminence stressed that a country has no future when youngsters don’t play their role and carry the burden of the future. He hoped that young people don’t relinquish this role because the future, the project and the country are a burden they should carry. His Eminence called to fight terrorism, stressing the need for everyone to support security forces and tribes fighting terrorism and underlining that this is not enough as we are required to build a solid internal front and mobilize popular and national capacities and civil society organizations to join our efforts against the terrorism that is targeting everyone. His Eminence also mentioned that the differences among the people of one country should make them realize that terrorism must not be an issue to have differences on.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council highlighted in his speech that youngsters ought to care about the ideological, moral and educational structure and maintain the ethical values and social customs while protecting them from the Takfiri thought that adopts violence, bloodshed and beheading. They should also take care of the educational structure, he added, since it promotes the development process in the country and enables it to be tantamount to developed countries. His Eminence stated that we must not view the difficulties as obstacles but as challenges that we have to overcome, explaining that we can build a pioneer experience that will amaze the world if we rely on a clear vision, correct planning and officials who take on their responsibilities. Sayyid Al Hakim added that a dialogue among bold Iraqis requires the unity of everybody against the terrorist attacks hitting our cities and citizens, stressing that no dialogue can be made with terrorism and terrorists and considering that all partners in the country should assume their responsibilities in fighting terrorism and terrorist, so as to preserve our interests, garner our public and unify us.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq highlighted the importance of not politicizing universities and entering political conflicts on campus, indicating that political education and awareness are necessary for students to be able to analyze, influence and be efficient in society.
His Eminence finally called on students to look for political movements and blocs that have clear political programs and become part of those in the development and interaction process, under the new democratic regime and freedom. He criticized the complaint for it is the weapon of incapable people, and called to seize opportunities, invest in time, move forward and move beyond the problems and difficulties in view of the delicate circumstances that the country is going through.

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