Scandal phone call: “Saad Hariri Went Crazy, He wants to settle the matter in anyhow..

Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper published a new script of a phone call between the Lebanese Deputy in Future Movement Ikab Saker and the leader in Free Army militia Louay Meqdad.

The call was about the President of the Future Movement Sa’ed al-Hariri, putting all his efforts to settle the battle between the Syrian Arab Army and the Saudi, Qatar-backed “Free Army militia”.

The script of the fourth recording in colloquial language:

Louay Meqdad: Hello

Ikab Saker: Hello

Louay Meqdad: Hey Ikab

Ikab Saker: Hold on a minute Louay

Ikab Saker (talking to another person on the phone): Yes Yes, don’t worry, it will be settled, we are on it, I know I haven’t slept either, I know I know, in Saudi also they are all on it, Inshallah it will be settled, ok stay connected, Bye.

Ikab Saker: Hello Yes Louay

Louay Meqdad: Hello, what’s going on?

Ikab Saker: It is ruined

Louay Meqdad: who was that on the phone? Sheikh Sa’ed?

Ikab Saker: the President Hariri went crazy, he wants to settle this in any way.

Louay Meqdad: I talked to..

Ikab Saker: you talked to them today.. what did they say?

Louay Meqdad: they called me about 10 times, they want ammunition, normal ammo at least!

Ikab Saker: normal ammo?

Louay Meqdad: Yes at least? Did you tell the Sheikh?

Ikab Saker: Yes I told him, he can’t sleep, he wants to settle the matter in any way.

Louay Meqdad: Ikab there’s a problem, the armed men are suffering from the matter of toppling the area, and for them if the area toppled, it’s like Domino, all the surrounding areas will topple.

Ikab Saker: brother I can understand, but his excellency says that we have to settle it, we have a case to end.

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