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Scholar hails Islamic proximity as achievement of Iran’s 1979 Revolution



Iranian cleric referred to the Islamic Revolution as an event which formed the beliefs of the people calling Islamic proximity as one of the most prominent achievements of Iran’s 1979 Revolution.
Hujjat-ul-Islam Saeed Davoudi, Head of Bureau of Islamic Promotion in Eastern Tehran, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of February 11th rallies for anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran said the incident was formed amid a period of weak religious beliefs and ethnic limitations when late Imam Khomeini (RA) appeared to value the beliefs of the people.

He added,” Great revolutions have been formed in the world but none have been fruitful.” And added, ”We have made it to create a unity when the beliefs of the people were formed and popular talents in religious and history fields greatly grew up.

Head of the Bureau of Islamic Promotion in Southeastern Tehran noted,” One of the most important achievements of the post revolution era is proximity among different denominations.” hailing the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in training Muslim activists and deploying them to universities and seminaries in different countries across the globe.

Iranian Shia cleric warned against hostile efforts by enemies to fuel disagreements among Muslims and highlighted the struggles of Islamic proximity activists to confront enemies through uprooting disagreements among different Islamic communities.

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