Scholars of Resistance Unite behind Palestine, Denounce Normalization as Betrayal

The International Union of Resistance Scholars assembled Tuesday in Beirut, expressing ultimate support to Palestine and voicing firm rejections to all forms of normalization with Zionist entity.

Entitled “The Uprising of the Ummah (nation) in Face of Normalization Conspiracies”, the Sixth Conference of the International Union of Resistance Scholars convened in Beirut on Tuesday.

Sheikh Maher Hammoud

The Head of the International Union of Resistance Scholars Sheikh Maher Hammoud stressed that the First Intifada which took place in December 33 years ago proved that Palestinian people in no need of Arab armies and Arab “shameful” summits.

“33 years on First Intifada, the stones are still more powerful than bullets.”

Sheikh Hammoud denounced all forms of normalization of ties between Arab regimes and Zionist entity.

“Normalization came after all conspiracies against Resistance in 2006 and in Syrian War have been foiled.”

Sheikh Naim Qassem

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem said “Despite conspiracies since Balfour declaration, generations are still sticking to Palestine, its liberation.”

Slamming Gulf regimes, Sheikh Qassem said they have never stood by Palestine, “they have backed all schemes of surrender.”

“Normalization has exposed all traitors and revealed those who support Resistance,” he said via video link, stressing: “Either to stand by Resistance, or by normalization, no third choice!”

“Axis of Resistance has secured promising achievements thanks to steadfastness and firm will to liberate Palestine.”

Sheikh Qassem vowed that the Resistance will work hard to develop its capabilities on basis of military, politics and media.

Ziad Nakhale

Ziad Nakhale, the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad Palestinian Resistance movement, said the Zionist entity has broken all moral, human and religious norms.

He slammed Palestinian Authority for “fleeing forward,” stressing that this policy won’t retrieve rights, but rather will set up new formula on the field.

Touching upon the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Nakale said the enemies have been trying to deprive us from everything including scientific capabilities,” Nakhale addressed the conference via video link.

“Assassination of Fakhrizadeh is part of Israel’s revenge from Iran for its stance towards Palestine.

Mahmoud Zahhar

Hamas official Mahmoud Zahhar stressed that the Resistance in Gaza stands dignified against the Israeli enemy.

He warned that the enemies of this Ummah have been dedicating capabilities in a bid to weaken the Resistance.

Zahhar, meanwhile, noted that the last battle in which Palestine will be liberated is ‘inventible’ hoping to be one of the soldiers in such battle.

“Our weapons have been developed from the stones to missiles. This proves that we will go ahead until the elimination of the occupation entity,” the official in the Palestinian Resistance movement addressed the conference attendees via video link.

Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun

For his part, Grand Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun slammed some Arab regimes over normalizing their ties with Zionist entity.

“Some rushed to normalize ties as they failed to keep the Resistance,” the Syrian Mufti addressed the conference vie video link.

He called for unity on Palestine between Arab and Muslim countries.

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