Senior activist: Zionist Israel on a relegating position

1220556251israeli_troops_pushingA senior Iranian pro-Palestinian activist believes that the Israeli in ability towards the Gaza resistance fighters during an eight day war in 2012 shows that the Israeli and western position in the Middle East was relegating.

Hojatoleslam Rahimiyan, representative of the Islamic Revolution Leader in the Martyrs Foundation told Qudsna that Israeli attacks on Gaza have been made in a bid to fix its military image that was marred due to its failure in the face of the Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.

He said Israel unleashed offensive on a Gaza that was experiencing the worst territorial and supply conditions in the history of wars worldwide.

“There are no worse conditions for any one region facing a war than what Gaza underwent during the 22 day war in
2008 and the eight day war in 2012. However Israel failed in both,” Rahimiyan said.

The senior activist said the world public opinion was gradually becomes aware of the scandalous servitude of the western governments towards the global Zionism and will soon stand witness to the fall of the Zionist regime.

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