Senior Cleric Congratulates Victory of Palestinians in Gaza


Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi felicitated the Palestinian nation and the Hamas resistance movement for their victory after 51 days of resistance against Israel’s savage aggressions.
Addressing a large and fervent congregation of the people on Tehran University campus on Friday, Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi said, “I congratulate this victory to the resistance, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Hamas that added another shameful page to the black dossier of child-killing Zionists.”

He underlined that the Zionist regime’s savage attack on the people of Gaza resulted in further hatred of the people of world from Israel.

“This is the miracle of the resistance,” Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi added.

On Wednesday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a message to Politburo Chief of the Palestinian Resistance Hamas Movement Khalid Mashal felicitated him on the recent victory of the Palestinians in the Gaza war against Israel, and underlined that Palestinians should continue their armed struggle against Tel Aviv as the only way to liberate their occupied lands.

“Resistance and struggle are the only ways to set the occupied territories free and retrieve the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation,” Larijani said in his message to Mashal.

“I am glad to warmly felicitate you and all the pious and industrious men of the Islamic resistance on the great victory of the beloved Palestinian nation and warriors of the Islamic resistance in the recent Gaza war,” the Iranian parliament speaker added.

Also, earlier on Wednesday Larijani felicitated the Palestinian nation and the Hamas resistance movement for their victory after 51 days of resistance against Israel’s savage aggressions.

“I congratulate this great victory to the Palestinian nation and all resistance groups, specially the Islamic Jihad and Hamas,” Larijani said, addressing an open session of the parliament.

The Iranian parliament speaker noted that the Palestinian nation through their steadfastness and resistance blew a “historic defeat on the Zionist regime”.

On Tuesday, Palestinian groups and Egyptian mediators confirmed that the Cairo-based talks ended in truce.

Palestinian and Egyptian officials said the deal calls for an indefinite halt to the war, the immediate opening of Gaza’s blockaded crossings with Israel and Egypt and a widening of the territory’s fishing zone in the Mediterranean.

Under a second stage of the truce that would begin a month later, Israel and the Palestinians would discuss the construction of a Gaza sea port and Israel’s release of Hamas prisoners in the occupied West Bank.

After the ceasefire began, crowds and traffic filled the Gaza streets. Car horns blared and recorded chants praising God sounded from mosque loudspeakers.

“Today we declare the victory of the resistance, today we declare the victory of Gaza,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said.

More than 2,150 Palestinians, including around 570 children, have been killed since Israel launched its onslaught on Gaza on July 8. Some 11,100 others have been wounded.

The United Nations says over 80 percent of the killed Palestinians have been civilians.

Later in the day, the Iranian parliament in a statement issued on Wednesday felicitated the Palestinian nation for its victory after 51 days of resistance against Israeli attacks, and said the ceasefire in Gaza is a prelude to the final victory of the Palestinians over the Quds Occupying Regime.

“Gaza has gained victory and the Zionist regime was defeated and this is the most important political news of the Muslim world today. 51 days of brave resistance by the zealous people of Gaza with 2,135 martyrs, 11,000 wounded, one thousand injured children and thousands of destroyed residential units yielded results and we are witnessing the victory of the people of Gaza, the Muslim nations and freedom-seekers,” the statement read by MP Zarqam Sadeqi said on Wednesday.

The Iranian parliamentarians congratulated and greeted the people of Gaza and the resistance groups’ leaders, and said, “The final victory is underway and God willing, we will do prayers in Beit al-Moqaddas (Jerusalem), the occupied territories will be freed and the Zionist regime will be sent to history archives.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also on Wednesday in a statement hailed the Israeli-Palestinian truce as a victory gained over the Zionist regime through the resistance of the people in Gaza.

“This victory showed again that the only way to restore the rights of the Palestinian people is emphasizing on the line of resistance against the expansionism of the Zionist regime, and that occupiers and usurpers of the Palestinian nation’s rights didn’t and won’t have any choice but to admit defeat in their confrontation against such a strong morale and faith,” the statement said.

The foreign ministry underscored Iran’s continued support for the resistance of the Palestinian people, and expressed its condolences and sympathy for the bereaved families of the Palestinians martyred and injured in the Zionist regime’s recent attacks on Gaza Strip.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that this victory is a prelude and harbinger of the eventual freedom of all the occupied territories, including the holy Quds, from the hands of the Zionist occupiers,” the statement concluded.

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