Senior ISIL Commander Killed in Clashes with Hezbollah East of Lebanon


One of the notorious field commanders of the ISIL terrorist group was killed in heavy fighting with the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement’s fighters in the Eastern part of Lebanon near the border with Syria.
Hezbollah fighters’ anti-terrorism operation near al-Zweitini of Jaroud in Ra’as al-Baalbek ended in the killing of several ISIL terrorists, including their commander known as Iskandar.

The Hezbollah’s operation also inflicted major damage on the terrorists’ military equipment.

A report said in mid-March that the ISIL terrorist group posted a video on the Internet, promising to avenge their losses at the hands of Hezbollah and the Lebanese Armed Forces in the Baalbek Highlands.

According to the video footage released by ISIL, the terrorist group stated that sooner or later they would get their revenge against the Lebanese Armed Forces, Hezbollah, and the Lebanese political elite that attempted to eliminate their presence in Lebanon.

The two ISIL militants that appeared in the video had a Lebanese Arabic accent; however, their identities could not be determined.

Hezbollah overpowered the ISIL militants at the village of Beit Ali Al-Agha in March, killing several terrorist combatants while also clearing large swathes of territory in the process.

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