Senior Lebanese cleric: “Nuclear Iran is power for all Muslims.”

n00146678-bSheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, Deputy of Shia Supreme Council of Lebanon, issued a statement praising the nuclear successes made by Iran calling the Zionist regime as the big loser of the agreements between Iran and the west, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Lebanese cleric criticized the Zionist regime for its struggles to impose more sanctions on Iran and also weakening the role of Iran in defending the oppressed nations.

He added,” The agreement between Iran and P 5+1 states is a victory in the field of nuclear activities of Iran and international recognition of this right is a result for the efforts by Iranian scientists who will follow wise guidelines of the Supreme Leader and guarantee a bright future for the country’s nuclear activities.”

Deputy of Shia Supreme Council of Lebanon extended his congratulations for the historical victory of Iranian nation over the nuclear agreement with the world powers and reiterated,” Arab and Islamic countries have to make the best of the opportunity and expand their nuclear cooperation with Iran.”

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