Setbacks continue for ISIS as Syrian Army troops liberate 2 more towns in east Hama


ISIL’s offensive in Deir Ezzor may have dominated the news on Thursday, but it is their big losses across central Syria that have caused the most damage.

With their backs against the wall in eastern Hama, the Islamic State suffered series of setbacks inside the Salamiyah District, as Syrian Arab Army units managed to liberate two more towns under the terrorist group’s occupation.

According to the National Defense Forces, the army and their allies liberated the towns of Hamadi ‘Umar and Rasm Al-Qunbar near ‘Uqayribat, tonight, shrinking the Islamic State’s pocket in eastern Hama.

As a result of tonight’s advance, the remaining Islamic State terrorists in the east Hama pocket now have their backs against the wall in eastern Hama, with little-to-nowhere to retreat to.

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