Several Civilians Killed in US Airstrikes in Deir Ezzur

The US fighter jets continued strikes against Syria, killing a number of civilians in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

Local sources in Deir Ezzur province reported on Thursday that the US warplanes attacked the village of al-Souseh in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, killing and wounding several civilians.

Other reports also said that 4 civilians were killed when their car was targeted by the US fighter jets in the Palestine district of al-Souseh.

In a relevant development late in April, nearly a dozen civilians were killed in the US-led coalition fighter jets’ attacks in Southeastern Hasaka.

The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website reported that 11 civilians were killed in the US airstrikes against ‘ISIL Prison’ region in the town of Abu Hamezah in Southeastern Hasaka.

It added that the attacks took place alongside the US forces’ heliborne operations in the same region to rescue the terrorist commanders.

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