Sheikh al-Bouti: Illegal Trafficking of Weapons to Syria, Crimes of Gunmen Serve israel

Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti said the plot against the Arabs had begun since the cancerous tumor (israel) was planted in Palestine, affirming that the illegal trafficking of weapons to Syria and the crimes of armed people are in favor of zionist israel.

In his Friday sermon, Sheikh al-Bouti said the Palestinian cause is the cause of the Islamic nation as a whole and not a regional cause that belongs to a spot of land to which a group of people are responsible.

He continued that the United States, which had executed “the order of israel” to occupy Iraq and destroy it under the pretext of possession of nuclear weapons threaten israel, would withdraw from Iraq today empty-handed, bearing a heavy human and material losses.

Sheikh al-Bouti was amazed at statements of some Arab Muslims who called for wisdom in dealing with israel, so it is normal for israel to rebel and ignore the international law and international resolutions since the past enemies have transformed into defenders who deal with it in wisdom and flexibility.

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