Sheikh Ali Salman Denies All Charges as Trial Concludes


The trial of Bahrain’s prominent opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salm, started in the capital Manama today and concluded with Sheikh Ali Salman Denying All charges leveled against him. The court extended his detention until February 28, reported ABNA.

Representatives from the US, UK and France were attending the session.

Sheikh Ali Salman’s lawyer has called for his immediate release.

Salman was arrested on December 28 after Manama accused him of seeking regime change, a charge that Salman and his party have vehemently denied. Salman’s arrest has triggered massive condemnation inside and outside the monarchy, with leaders, governments and international organizations across the world calling for his immediate release.

Since his arrest, many Bahrainis have taken to the streets. Protestors demand his release, as well as the release of many other opposition leaders being held behind bars.

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