Sheikh Issa Qassem: Reforms in Bahrain Inevitable

13920806000608_PhotoIProminent Muslim cleric Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qassem warned that there is no substitute for reforms in Bahrain.
The prominent Bahraini cleric said, “The people of Bahrain have made clear they do not wish to be ruled by such amoral and immoral tyrants whose thirst for blood and injustices is legion.”

Sheikh Qassem went on deploring the despicable horrors which the regime has imposed on its people – unlawful arrests, tortures, violations of sacred religious places of worship, murder, oppression, and repression, the Islam Times reported.

“You will reap what you have sowed,” he prophesized, directly addressing al-Khalifa regime.

Dozens upon dozens of Bahrainis have endured humiliation and repression for having dared expressed their desire to be treated fairly by the Sunni-led government.

As a result of their calls for democratic reforms, the regime has been conducting a sectarian-based campaign against political activists, stopping at nothing to ensure that al- Khalifa remains in power.

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