Sheikh Mohammad Yazbak: Siding with Palestinians is a must

n00156304-b“Nations and Governments in the Islamic World should side with Palestinian people and stand against the regime of Zionism,” said Head of Hezbollah Sharia Committee, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbak , reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The religious cleric underlined that all Muslims’ weapons should aim at the regime of Zionism, stopping it in massacring innocent people and destroying the Arabian lands.

Head of Hezbollah Sharia Committee appreciated what the Lebanese army did for bringing the security back to Lebanon and urged all religious clerics and groups to support the Army, refraining from giving any sedative sermon.

The religious cleric urged Muslims from different Islamic sects in Lebanon to keep their unity at the very present turmoil situation.

In another line of speech, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbak paid tribute to Iranian officials and nation for defending the rights of innocent and downtrodden people.

He voiced hope that the nuclear talks between Iran and 5+1 groups will go on well, bringing positive results for Iranians and other Muslims in the region.

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