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Sheikh Qaouk: Despite Internal, Foreign Schemes, Resistance Achieves One Victory after Another

Deputy Head of Hizbullah Executive Council, His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk confirmed that the resistance, despite all internal and foreign obstacles, has gone on in its path and achieved one victory after another.

His Eminence also added that despite the campaign it was subject to, the resistance never waiting for those affiliated with the “Israeli” occupation against national regions, to defend the resistance’s weapons.

Sheikh Qaouk stressed that the resistance is aware of the aims of the political, media, and military targets, which is keeping the weapons off their true aim, which is confronting the “Israeli” enemy, in addition to continuing the liberation of what’s left of the Lebanese territories.

Sheikh Nabil Qaouk affirmed that no matter how big were the internal crisis, dispute, or divisions, the resistance’s priority will remain to be the liberation of Shibaa farms and Kfarshouba Hills. He referred to that the resistance will always be ready to achieve this promise and victory in any upcoming war, in addition to protecting Lebanon’s right in oil, and in protecting its land and aerial sovereignty.

Furthermore, he clarified that the US administration nourishes many of the internal divisions to serve “Israeli” goals, but it failed after all these years in changing the priority of the resistance.

Sheikh Qaouk reminded that the resistance has many evidences proving some Lebanese figures involved in the failing wager against the July war, but kept silent in order to maintain internal stability and not drive Lebanon into a US-schemed internal stability; until Wikileaks published the cables later.

His Eminence added that the truth sought by the resistance is not the forged truth, for what was published by Wikileaks alone, are enough proof to prosecute those involved. He also referred to that the Lebanese people do not forget a request filed in the Khartoum Arab Summit in 2005, to erase the world “resistance”, and that was before 2006.

On this level, Sheikh Qaouk confirmed that everything has been revealed through was what published in Wikileaks, regarding a scheme aiming at making the resistance an internal dispute. He also stated that the equation has changes, and the Zionist scheme in Lebanon has reached an end, reminding that George W. Bush and his political administration used to feel proud of their political tools, in reference to “The Cedar Revolution”.

Deputy Head of Hizbullah Executive Council stressed that the Lebanese field is the field of the resistance which achieves victories in confronting the US-“Israeli” schemes, pointed out that Lebanon is not a country of US dependency, and is not part of the US scheme in the new Middle East.

Sheikh Nabil Qaouk confirmed that as the resistance achieved military victory in 2006, it has also achieves political victory when it protected the position, identity, and role of Lebanon from being forged. Sheikh Qaouk believed that what’s more important, is that the attempt to target the resistance weapons has collapsed, because the credibility of the international false tribunal has deteriorated, and so did its image.

His Eminence Sheikh Nabil affirmed that today, the spirit of the resistance is growing in the spirits of the revolutionaries in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain, stating it’s a spirit similar to that of the self sacrifice martyrs and detainees. Sheikh Qaouk clarified that each revolution after the other means extra defeats for the US schemes in the region; where the US has lost its favorite allies in Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and many others.

His Eminence added that the new equation is the equation of spreading the resistance’s spirit and will, in addition to the popular will.

Sheikh Nabil Qaouk noted the strategic resistance to be the one making progress from one country to another, adding that “in the eyes of the revolutionaries and youths in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain, is the reflection of our martyrs”.

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