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Sheikh Qassem: STL Seeks to Weaken Lebanon in Face of Israel

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem reiterated on Tuesday that the Resistance party doesn’t approve the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and stressed that the mentioned tribunal was seeking to weaken Lebanon in the face of the Israeli enemy.

Sheikh Qassem noted that it has been proven that this tribunal was fully politicized. “Its first steps and creation were American, French and Israeli with the aim of confronting Hezbollah and the resistance’s project in the region,” his eminence said. “The international tribunal has never worked to reach truth.”

Sheikh Qassem reiterated that Lebanon would have no role or value without its resistance. His eminence stressed that the presence of the resistance in Lebanon was the main reason of the international concerns over Lebanon.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General said that the Resistance’s project was part of the Arab revolutions and the collapse of all tyrants, from Egypt’s Husni Mubarak to Tunisia’s Zeine El-Abidine Ben-Ali to Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and all others. “These revolutions come in the framework of the Resistance’s project,” Sheikh Qassem noted.

His eminence noted that the appointment of Prime Minister-Designate Najib Miqati to form the new government in Lebanon was the right choice to obstruct sedition schemes and to reject corruption. “The formation of the new government would be an opportunity to build the state according to the constitution,” Sheikh Qassem said.

Sheikh Qassem concluded by renewing belief that Lebanon’s strength resides in its people, resistance and army. “This is what people want and what lawmakers favored when 68 of them freely named Miqati to premiership without pressure. This is the best democratic expression of the people’s will.”

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