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Sheikh Shaban: Confrontation with Takfir in line with true teachings of Islam

n00152762-bSheikh Bilal Saeed Shaban, Secretary General of Lebanon’s al Tawhid al Islamic Movement, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) slammed religious schools which try to impose their ideologies on Islam and denounced Takfiri efforts to institutionalize these ideologies among Muslims.

He stressed necessity of practical unity and true confrontation with Takfir and said,” Takfir and terrorist attacks by one religion against another religion is a colonial intrigue by the US and the Zionist regime.”

Lebanese Sunni cleric hailed the close ties between clerics and leaders of different Islamic denominations and noted,” Certainly the role of colonial and arrogant powers has played an important role in creation of disagreements and hostility among Muslims.”

He said the solution out of the present issues in the world of Islam is unity and reiterated institutionalization of the “Culture of Dialogue” in the world of Islam saying,” Dialogue is the factor which is truly missed, since disagreements are quite natural but we have to make the best of dialogue to prevent these disagreements to turn into intrigues.”

Sheikh Bilal Saeed Shaban noted that the current crises in Islamic states are all colonial measures which are misrepresented as religious issues.

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