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Shia and Sunni Ulema in Iran’s Kermanshah province condemn French magazine


Shia and Sunni Ulema in western province of Kermanshah issuing a statement on Monday expressed outrage at French magazine for repetition of wrongful act blaspheming Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Shia and Sunni Ulema in Kermanshah province condemn French magazine
The statement said that Ulema, either Shia or Sunni from all theology schools in the country condemned such impudently moves and also blind terrors, which were paving the way for the move, and consider it as a illogical and unwise step in direction of Islamophobia and to damage religious beliefs of one-and-a half billion Muslims of the world.

They said that undoubtedly, violence and extremism everywhere and committed by anyone or group is wrongful act and Muslims should not be silence vis-a-vis such impudent move and by their awareness and unity condemn and neutralize enemies conspiracies in this respect.

One day by making an anti-Islam film they start a media war against Muslims, another day by publishing anti-Islam articles and the next day by publishing a caricature for prophet of Mercy, the statement complained.

Such acts aim the Islamophobia project and sowing discord among followers of divine religions orchestrated by by the hegemonic powers.

They said that escalation of Islamophobia by the world arrogance indicated clearly that enemies fear from the waves of Islamic awakening in the region and the entire world and their frustration vis-a-vis the logic of Islam.

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