Shocking testimonies by Palestinian minors in israeli jails


The Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) have never ceased to take Palestinian children and minors away from their mothers’ arms to detention centers where they have been subject to the most atrocious torture and interrogation procedures ever.

A group of children from Occupied Jerusalem and different West Bank areas on Saturday revealed shocking testimonies to the lawyer of the Ministry of Prisoners.

The ministry’s lawyer quoted prisoner Ayman Samih Al-Abassi, 17, from Silwan and sentenced to 18 months and a 3-thousand-shekel-fine, as saying: “I was interrogated while being chained hand and foot and tied to a small iron chair, while my back was bent.”

Abassi recalled being heavily beaten on September 18 after he protested being incarcerated in a solitary cell in freezing weather conditions. The soldiers forced him into a bathroom and stripped him off from head to toe.

Detainee Khaled Jamal Husseini, 16, from Shaafat camp in Occupied Jerusalem and sentenced to 9 months, said he was arrested at his own home at dawn and led, chained and blindfolded, into an Israeli military jeep, the lawyer further reported.

On their way to Mascoubiya detention center prison, Khaled was made to lie on the jeep’s floor and was brutally attacked by the Israeli soldiers. When Khaled asked for water, the soldiers sprayed him with water-drops on his face.

Khaled further confirmed having been interrogated for long hours after being locked up in solitary confinement for 9 days and beaten in different parts of his body.

Ahmed Ghazi Hafedh Adili, 17, from Nablus, said he was taken handcuffed and blindfolded to Hawara detention center, where he was callously assaulted by Israeli prison guards. One of the soldiers kept on beating him with a stick on his head and ears, leading to a severe hemorrhage and hearing impairment.

The Israeli Prison Service (IPA) has been dragging its feet vis-à-vis Adili, still denied the medical check-ups and therapies he has been promised.

Another scandalous testimony was revealed by Khalil Ayman Abu Sanad, 17, from Silwan and sentenced to 28 months. Khalil recalled being arrested on 5 January 2003 after a number of Israeli settlers and Special Forces violently attacked him.

“My glasses were broken and a piece of glass penetrated my eyes due to their inconsiderate assaults. The tears my eyes were shedding were mixed with blood drops covering my entire face.”

“But the undercover soldiers never ceased to hit my entire body with their sticks while I was made to lie down on the ground, leading to painful wounds above the eyebrows and my head.”

“Afterwards I was locked up in a solitary cell for more than 27 hours, during which IPS kept on interrogating me day and night, never allowing me a moment’s rest or a little lie-down,” Khalil said.

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