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Sit-in in Montruex to support Syria in confronting terrorism


Montruex , Hundreds of Syrians organized a sit-in in front of the media center for covering the international conference on Syria “Geneva2” in Montruex city in Switzerland to support their own country in confronting the Arab, regional and western conspiracy to which Syria is exposed to. The participants raised the Syrian flag and chanted slogans in support of Syria’s leadership and Army, rejecting any foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs. In a relevant note, the Swiss police prevented hundreds of Syrians from several European countries from entering Switzerland and gathering in Montruex city to support Syria and affirm the need for finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria. A source at the Syrian community in Paris said that hundreds from the Syrian communities in Europe, particularly from France, Belgium and Netherland, can’t cross the borders into Switzerland, as the Swiss authorities are preventing them from entering the country and seized the Syrian flags and placards that condemn terrorism.

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