Sit-in outside Turkish airlines office in Esfahan, Iran

Sit-in outside Turkish airlines office in Esfahan, Iran

Large numbers of the Iranian Armenians staged a sit-in outside the Turkish airlines office in the Iranian city of Esfahan in protest of the criminal acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups , backed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, against the citizens of Kasab area in the northern countryside of Lattakia, including the Syrian Armenians.


In a statement issued at the end of the sit-in, demonstrators called on the international community, particularly UN and the human rights organizations, to act seriously and prevent the Turkish government from perpetrating new genocides against Armenians in Kasab.


The armed terrorist groups, supported by Erdogan, attacked Kasab in Lattakia northern countryside and perpetrated massacres against Syrians citizens there including the Armenians.


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