Slaughterer Israeli Units helping FSA in Syria

Israeli Units Part of Intervention Forces in Syria Zionist military units are deployed for a long time in Syria in order to get the claimed Syrian chemical arsenal under control.

The information was revealed for the first time by local Syrian news websites, including Syria Truth, and was confirmed by the German magazine Focus, which reported that the Zionist force belongs to the elite unit “Sayeret Matkal”.

However, Syria Truth revealed last July that the mentioned force had entered Syria via Aleppo, across Turkey, with the help of the defected Syrian Colonel and Head of Aleppo Military Council, Abdel Jabbar Akidi.

Previously, meetings were held in Turkey between Zionist experts of the Biological Institute affiliated with the Zionist Prime Minister, and the retired Syrian General Adnan Sello, who fled to Turkey and had held the position of Deputy Director of Chemical Warfare Department in the regular Syrian army.

Moreover, the German periodical stated that the presence of the Zionist intervention force coincides with the presence of the Western elite forces, particularly the American and the French, deployed at Jordanian border with Syria.

“Elite forces are scheduled to enter into Syria after the fall of the Syrian regime to seize the chemical arsenal and prevent it from reaching the hands of the revolutionaries and terrorists,” it said.

The French force, consisting of paratroopers, had already made several exploratory missions and seeped into Syria under the cover of a makeshift hospital for Syrian refugees, settled in the Jordanian city of al-Mafraq.

An officer of the paratroopers’ unit stationed in the French town of Calvi told the German magazine that soldiers of 135 countries make up this unit. One of those companies is totally Arab, in order not to draw any attention.

As for the American intervention force, it is composed of two Delta Force units and Ringers, involved in desert fights, and are working together with the Jordanian army.

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