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Slaughterer Saudi fighter jets bomb Yemen’s Dhamar, Hadhramaut

Saudi-led coalition fighter jets on Saturday bombed various areas in the Yemeni provinces of Dhamar and Hadhramaut.

The series of Saudi attacks on various parts of Yemen is still continuing, Almasirah reported.

In their recent attack, the Saudi fighter jets heavily bombed residential areas in the Yemeni provinces of Dhamar and Hadhramaut.

These attacks came as Yemeni Spokesman for Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree had recently said that the claim of the Saudi-Emirati-American coalition that the Yemeni armed forces are using civilian centers for military purposes is untrue and a mere justification for targeting civilian facilities and centers.

“We emphasize that attack of Saudi aggressor coalition on civilian centers and facilities in Yemen will not achieve goals of enemies in defeating the will of Yemeni people and these attacks will not go unanswered and unpunished,” Yahya Saree added.

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