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Some naive, although sincere, Muslims were deceived by US on Syrian crisis



As conflicts spread in Syria and terrorist attacks have occurred in Turkey, publishes statements by Ayatollah Khamenei, regarding what goes on behind the scenes among the terrorists in Syria, and the roles of the US, Zionist regime.

We won’t forget US officials meeting with Syrian rebels

Where do these problems come from? From which evil and sinister source do these problems originate? Who promotes this unclean embryo in the world of Islam? Everyone expresses their hatred of terrorism in words and sometimes, they pretend that they are taking action against terrorism. As our honorable President said, they form a false, fake and bogus coalition against terrorism. But this is not the case in reality. In reality, they promote terrorism.

We have not forgotten the days when – this happened in the early days of the Syrian events – the U.S. ambassador went to the Syrian opponents to encourage them and to urge them to turn a political dispute into a civil war. Is this a small matter? Well, political disputes exist in many countries. Why should they turn political disputes into a war? And that is a war among people in a country. It is a war of fratricide! And then with haraam money from oil revenues, they employ some youth from different corners and send them there! This is happening in Syria and in Iraq in different ways. In the present time, it has been extended to other countries as well. It has been extended to Bangladesh, Turkey and other countries. It is these events which are creating such disasters for the world of Islam and which is causing this insecurity. Why should we not know our enemy? Jul 6, 2016

Some naive, although sincere, Muslims were deceived by US and fortified DAESH, al-Nusra Front

Of course, the British were the first experts of this measure. They have expertise in creating religious discord. The Americans have learned this from them and they are working on it today with all their power. All the takfiri groups that you see are their handicraft. Of course, we have been saying this for several years, but some people had doubts. Today, the Americans themselves are acknowledging this. They are acknowledging that it was they who created DAESH, al-Nusra Front and other takfiri groups. A group of simple-minded – although sincere – Muslims were deceived by them. This is the important point. What is very instructive to us and what we should pay attention to is that sometimes well-intentioned individuals work inside the enemy’s plan because of lack of vigilance. This has happened. One clear example of this is the issue of Syria. When tyrannical regimes were overthrown in Tunisia and Egypt with Islamic slogans, all of a sudden the Americans and the Zionists decided to use this formula for destroying resistant governments and countries. Therefore, they turned to Syria and as a result, a group of simple-minded and naïve individuals became the target of this plan. They made Syria reach the current situation. It is four, five years now that Syria has been experiencing this tumultuous situation and it is not clear when it will come to an end.his was what the enemy did and simple-minded individuals were incorporated in this plan. They filled in the enemy’s puzzle. This happens in many cases. It was they who created takfiri groups. It was they who created thuggish and violent groups and set them on the Islamic Ummah. They pretend that this is a denominational war. I will tell you that the conflicts that they are trying to label as denominational conflicts in Iraq, Syria and other countries are not denominational at all. They are of a political nature.  Aug 17, 2015

US-backed takfiris murder Sunni people in Aleppo to launch a war between Shia and Sunni 

Despite this propaganda, the Sunni people of Halab [Aleppo], Mosul and other cities have been and continue to be massacred by criminal takfiris. Therefore, these crises have nothing to do with Shia and Sunni. One of the most important issues of the region is to confront takfiri groups – such as DAESH, al-Nusra Front and other groups – in a collective manner because otherwise, the issue of Palestine will be on the periphery. This is because takfiris constantly create crises. Dec 14, 2016

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