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Some selected words from the Imam’s speeches for the pilgrims to the House of Allah(swt)


The fountain on the way to Allah (swt) in Miqat
Some selected words from the Imam’s speeches for the pilgrims to the House of Allah(swt).

– Circumambulation or rotating around the House of God shows the fact that you must not circle anyone else except Allah. Stoning the Devils in Aqabat is really stoning both devils from humans and jinn. By your stoning, you make a promise to God to drive away every human devil and also superpowers out of the dear Islamic countries.
– Take care that traveling to Hajj is not a business trip; it is neither for secular gains. It is a journey to Allah. When you are going toward the House of God, every step you take and everything you do must be Divine and for the sake of God. From the first place you set off, there your journey starts toward God, and it is a godly movement to Allah, the Exalted. Your journey must be of the same kind that the messengers (SA) traveled. Religious authorities too made their trips to God and would not violate any law all their lives. Your going on pilgrimage to Hajj now has the same schedule to reach Allah. (1)
– The biggest problem with the Islamic societies is that they have not yet perceived the real reason of many precepts or commandments of God; and as a result, Hajj, with so much magnitude and secrets, has remained in the form of a hollow worship and a fruitless act.
– One of the crucial obligations of Muslims is that they should find out what “Hajj” really is, and why they must always use a part of their material and spiritual possibilities to keep it lively and energetic. But what has been depicted of Hajj and shown, up to now, by the self-interested, the unaware or some mercenaries as the philosophy of it is that Hajj is a collective worshiping and an excursion-pilgrimage travel. Such people argue: It does not concern Hajj how you should live, how you should struggle and combat against world capitalism and communism, and in which manner you can get back the rights of the oppressed and the deprived from the oppressors! What does it have to do with “Hajj” that we should find a solution to remove the distress, anxiety or physical sufferings of Muslims?! What business of Hajj is it that Muslims ought to rise, as a magnificent power of the third world, and contend to Hajj precept that Muslims must be instigated to stand against administrators affiliated to rulers dependent upon big powerful countries? Hajj is the very trip of excursion to see “Kibla” in Mecca and to visit the city of Madina, nothing else!

However, Hajj means approaching God, and joining the owner of the House. (2)
– It is at the time of Hajj that Hajjis are charged and assigned to act properly. If they heard someone who intended to cause disunion among Muslims, they should deny him, and they should consider themselves obligated at any stop or sacred station, to express their disgust against disbelievers and the administrators in hostile states so that their Hajj could become the Hajj as Ibrahim, the Father of all Prophets (3) (PBU Them) performed it, and the Hajj that Prophet Mohammad (SA) did. Otherwise, the following aphorism applies to them:
How many those are who wail and implore, and how few those are who really perform their ceremonies! (4)
– Every year, the pilgrims of House of God and the lovers of meeting God set out of their houses, travel to visit the dignified Kaaba, which has become ready to receive and serve the Muslims who are lovers of God and justice. Kaaba waits to receive them opening its arms every year: those pilgrims whose loud shouts beat on the heads of oppressors — super-oppressors of world. The great House of God embraces those dear pilgrims who have changed Hajj from political seclusion and essential deviation and given it the manner of a Hajj that Ibrahim and Mohammad (SA) would perform. These pilgrims have revived the real Hajj. They break the idols of the true rejection of polytheists. The heart of Miqat (the fixed meeting place) throbs to welcome the pilgrims from the country of “Not East nor West”, who have come to accept God’s invitation by their repeating the Labbyks (here am I’s- the state of being in presence and guardianship of God the Almighty) toward the straight path of humanity. Such pilgrims have denied eastern and western schools and other nationalistic deviations or sectarianism and have come to live as brothers with all other Muslims regardless of their color, race, nationality, environment or community. They want to be equal, sympathetic and unified, and like to reinforce their unity. They are ready to attack bullies and the enemies of humanity or usurpers and tyrants in the world. (5)
The prophet of Islam did not need aristocratic mosques and decorated minarets. He wanted honor and greatness of his followers, who unfortunately have now been humiliated through false policy of satellite rulers. Do the Muslims not notice that “Wahhabi” (6) centers in some countries have changed to sedition and spying assemblies today? Do the Muslims not see that such centers from one side propagate aristocratic Islam, the Islam of Abu Sufyan, the Islam of dirty Mullahs of the royal court, the Islam of foolish pseudo-clergymen in theological schools or universities, the Islam of humility and adversity, the Islam of money and force, the Islam of deceit, collusion and captivity, the Islam of capitalism and the rule of capitalists over the oppressed and the deprived, or in short, the American Islam? And from the other side these administrators respect their master and leader, the USA, that seeks to gain supremacy over the world?
We have decided to eradicate the roots of Corrupt Zionism, capitalism and communism in the world. We want to destroy, by favor of God, the regimes that have been organized on these three bases. We have decided to propagate the Islamic system of the messenger of God, Mohammad (SA) in the world of arrogance. The nations in trouble will soon witness such victories of ours… God willing, we will not let the voice of atheism or polytheism or those who have colluded with America and the former Soviet Union, be heard from Kaaba and the House of God. From the high pulpit of Mecca, only the voice of the oppressed and the sound of monotheism must be echoed to the world. We ask of Gog to give us that power, which enables us to strike the bell of death for the arrogant governments not only from the Kiblah of Muslims but also from all churches of the world. (7)

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