Son of assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist reveals new details about his father’s death

The son of the late Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh revealed new details, in addition to the last moments of the his father’s life, during an interview this week about the assassination.

“The assassination was not carried out by a machine gun installed on a small truck parked on the side of the road and controlled via satellites, as stated in many allegations,” Fakhrizadeh’s son said in a televised interview.

“There was a real battle,” stressing that his mother was next to her husband when the incident occurred, but she was unharmed during the shooting. The son said, “My father was hit by four or five bullets.”

In an interview with Sobhe Nu newspaper, Hamid Fakhrizadeh said, ” His father received a warning from the security forces responsible for guarding him not to go out on the day of the assassination. However, he left, as he intended to attend an important meeting,” stressing that they are awaiting the completion of a team investigation.

Regarding the situation of his father in the last days before his murder, he said, “For the past twenty years, we have been every morning when my father leaves the house, waiting for my mother to call us at night and say that this has happened (the assassination) … Finally, a few days ago, my mother called and told us this. A few days ago, my father’s condition changed a lot. Many of his close friends saw visions in their dreams (suggesting that the end of life had approached), but they told us about them after the assassination.”

“On the day of the incident, despite being told that it is not advisable to go out, he refused and insisted on leaving due to an important meeting. Do you know the details of the assassination? Because the news and information are contradictory and insufficient, it is not possible to comment on the details of the assassination. We are awaiting the completion of the protection team’s investigation and the Supreme Council for National Security to provide us with details. All I know is that my mother was with my father moment by moment, and before my father received the first shot, my mother was with him outside the car, before he received the other bullets, fell from her arm, and reached the high degree of martyrdom. ”

He stated, ” Fakhrizadeh fulfilled his dream of martyrdom, and he had dreamed of that since he was twenty years old, and he used to see that,” adding that “he was afraid for the life of his guards so he always told me he worried something will happen to the guards because they have families, how can he respond to their families afterwards?”

He added, “My father reached a high position in Sufism, and he did not leave his Sufi and philosophical studies before and after the dawn prayer, in addition to the frequent recitation of the Qur’an, he also had a special vision in the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. He was a very humble personality, so if someone saw him in the street he would not notice his standing and his personality because it is no different from ordinary people. ”

On Monday, Iran buried Fakhrizadeh, as the country mourned the loss of one of its leading nuclear scientists.

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