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Speedy train of Islamic awakening goes on – FM

IRI Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told a conference on the ongoing geographical and cultural transformation in the Middle East that the world was witnessing a double stance on the part of the west towards the developments.

He said Iran was against any foreign meddling in any country in the region, either Bahrain or Libya as it runs against the interests of their people and threatens the regional and global stability and security.

Mr. Salehi warned that the west intends to check in the popular uprisings by diverting them to internal

conflicts from a peaceful nature, especially in Yemen and Libya, adding however that the west would fail to deceive people and shun its responsibility of decades of meddling in the internal affairs of the regional countries

The foreign minister said the current of Islamic awakening, which some call Islamic Tsunami, would continue to run as a speedy train until it reaches its goals of establishment of independent governments in the region.

Salehi appreciated the Egyptian nation as an influential nation in the region in the fight against the world Arrogance. He also hoped the Yemeni nation would reach their dreams.

Concerning the developments in Syria, Salehi said the country has fulfilled a large share in the fight against the transgressions of the west and the Zionist regime by siding with the line of regional resistance, adding that the Syrian authorities have taken effective strides in meeting the situation. He hoped that the trend of reforms in Syria would meet the dignity and development of the nation.

The foreign minister said the Islamic Republic of Iran carefully watches the regional developments and keeps its 33-year-old principle policy of supporting any popular, rightful movement in the region and fighting against injustice and the Arrogance.

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