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Sudan army claims it shot down israeli drone


Sudan’s army has claimed that it has shot down an Israeli drone following reports that Israeli warplanes have pounded sites around the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV reported.

The Israeli drone was shot down in the area of Wadi Seidna, to the north of Khartoum, on Wednesday, the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV quoted the Sudanese army as saying.

The development came after reports said earlier in the day that Israeli fighter jets had bombarded a factory, claimed to be making long-range Scud missiles, a rocket storage site and a convoy that was leaving the site.

There are no immediate reports on the extent of the damage or the number of casualties caused by the air raids.

A spokesperson for the Sudanese army has reportedly denied that Sudanese military sites were targeted in the air assaults.

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