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Sunni Cleric: Division, most used weapon against Islam/ DAESH enemy of humanity

n00161599-bMamusta Abdul Rahman Husseinzadeh, Sunni prayer leader of Saqqez, in the Iranian Province of Kurdistan, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) denounced interference of the US and its allies in the domestic affairs of the Islamic states and said arrogant powers and their regional allies intend to loot the resources of the Muslim countries by waging division, sectarian strives and spreading religious differences among Muslim communities.

He added,” Enemies have targeted fraternity and unity of Islamic states through these strategies and distance Muslims in order to guarantee their interests and prevent religious, political, cultural and social promotion in the world of Islam.”

Mamusta Husseinzadeh noted, “World arrogant powers have challenged Muslims by their representatives Takfiri groups; hence, Muslims have to maintain vigilance against their intrigues.”

Sunni cleric added,” We are witness to increasing unity among Muslims across the globe and enemies have no way but to submit against Islamic teachings.”

Prayer leader of Saqqez also reiterated that,” A religion called Islam and its prophet is Mohammad (PBUH) is not tarnished by anyone and all hostile intrigues in Iraq and other Islamic states will be foiled.”

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