Supply Iran with jet fighters if against our missiles: Zarif to EU


Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs told a German media that if Europeans disagree with Iran’s missile program, they should sell fighter jets to the country.

In an interview with Spiegel, published on Sunday, Zarif asked if Iran should be defenseless in a region that is armed to the teeth and added that during the Iraqi invasion, Iran had nothing to defend itself.

Saying that the regional countries are teeming with the purchased weaponry that mostly come from Europe, he added that the Persian Gulf states have bought $100bn of weaponry only in 2018.

As Iran has repeatedly announced, its weapons are only for defense, Zarif said.

Regarding missiles in possession of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement Iran’s foreign minister said that Israel wants to have a free hand in bombarding Syria and violating Lebanese air space, so Hezbollah does it in self-defense.

Israel has attacked Syria 300 times but no one cares. It is a violation of international laws and Syrian territorial integrity, Zarif said.

Talking about US Vice President Mike Pence’s accusing Iran of Anti-Semitism, Zarif said that Iran has always been supportive to the Jews but opposes Zionism.

He added that the Holocaust was a disaster but no one has the right to exploit it.

About US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, Iran’s minister of foreign affairs said the decision was made too late.

Whenever the US has entered the Middle East, they have brought chaos and terrorism with them, he said.

He added that Afghanistan government is negotiating on how to share the power with the Taliban after the US leaves the country, while the US came to Afghanistan to annihilate the Taliban.

Zarif also told the German media that Iran will stay in to fight terrorism and extremism in Syria as long as Damascus wants.

According to Zarif all the Syrian refugees should return to their homes and then a solution should be found for them to live in peace, which necessitates an agreement between Syria and Turkey.

Iran and Russia support this constructive move, he urged.

Regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he said that Iran doesn’t emphasize on a special person to be in power.

The people of Syria should decide their own fate, he said.

The top diplomat went on to censure West’s approach towards the issue of human rights, saying the West should stop using human rights a tool.

When the Saudis attacked the people of Yemen from the ground and the sky, Europe kept silent; they just watched the Lebanese prime minister being kidnapped and forced to resign with the gun at his head. The world woke up suddenly when a journalist was slaughtered brutally. Jamal Khashoggi’s case proved that West’s claim to defend human rights is a lie, Zarif said.

He added that the truth is that any friend of the US is allowed to commit whatever crime they want; the US assures the Zionist regime and the Saudis that they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

Regarding allegations leveled against Iran about organizing terrorist attacks in Europe, the Iranian foreign minister rejected as baseless all such allegations.

It is senseless for Iran to do so when the country’s president is in Vienna. Europe is also deceived by the show put on by US Vice President Mike Pence and the country’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo against Iran, Zarif said.

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