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Supreme Leader: Importance of unity, Necessity of Vigilance toward Takfiri moves



The 30th International Islamic Unity Conference is to open in the Iranian capital Tehran so as to discuss the standing roadmaps for countering Takfiri movements and ways for boosting unity among Muslim nations.
What follow here is Leader of Islamic Ummah andOppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s comments on the necessity of unity and rapprochement among Muslims and the prime importance of vigilant toward the hatched plots and the fallouts of Takfiri moves in the World of Islam.

Takfiri Movement

“Extremist measures are adopted by the hidden hands of intelligence and security services. That is why we have constantly said that we do not consider these foolish groups – who confront the Islamic Republic in the name of Salafism, takfiri and Islam – to be our main enemy.” (06/06/2014)

“The movement of Takfir has an Islamic cover, but in practice they serve the goals of Arrogant and political powers which are against the World of Islam,” (25/11/2014)

“Today, some people in different parts of the world of Islam – which go by the name of takfiri, Wahhabi and Salafi groups – are adopting bad and inappropriate measures against Iran, Shia Muslims and Shia Islam. But everyone should know that they are not the main enemies. They show enmity and they adopt foolish measures, but the main enemy is the person who provokes them, who gives them money and who motivates them with different means when their motivation is weakened to some extent” (25/11/2014)

“The frontline of Muslims’ struggles in this region was occupied Palestine, but the Takfiri movement changed this frontline and took it to streets and cities in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Libya.”( 06/06/2014)

Arrogance fueling discord among Muslims

The domineering powers want to foment discord. Religious differences, the Shia-Sunni issue and other such issues have been one of the tools that have always been used by the enemies of Muslim nations to foment discord. They use this tool to create conflicts. They use it to foment discord. They turn brothers against one another. ( Oct 17, 2011)

The arrogant world and enemies magnify insignificant things. They undermine all the things that Shia and Sunni brothers share. These are the kinds of things that they have always been doing. ( Oct 17, 2011)

Shia and Sunni quarrel a blatant lie

Propaganda machines and – in fact – spy apparatuses of the west and the like are trying to portray this as a quarrel between Islamic nations, between Shia and Sunni, and between Arabs and non-Arabs. This is a blatant lie. This is not a quarrel between Shia and Sunni. Most of those individuals who were martyred in the event of Mina were Sunnis.  (Sep 7, 2016)

The world of Islam should stand up against them. The world of Islam should express their hatred of them and of their masters, namely America, nasty England and faithless and immoral western powers. The world of Islam should know what it is doing. (Sep 7, 2016)

Global powers set themselves this goal thanks to the scientific and technological power that they had gained and the weapons that they had built and unfortunately, they succeeded in doing so to a great extent. (Aug 1, 2016)

At the beginning of the Revolution until today, we have been extending the hand of friendship towards Muslim nations and Muslim governments and this is why we have been inviting them to unity, solidarity and resistance in the face of the enemy plots. (Aug 1, 2016)

The Islamic Republic Stance toward Unity

The Islamic Republic has stood up against this plot since the first day and the reason is that we do not take anybody’s interests into consideration: this is our belief. (Oct 17, 2011)

Before the Islamic Republic had been established, our brothers, the luminaries of the movement and the luminaries of the revolutionary battle of those days were making efforts to create unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims at a time when Islamic government and the Islamic Republic were not even discussed. (Oct 17, 2011)

Material and Spiritual Benefits of Islamic Unity  

The thing that is of primary importance is unity.We Muslims have drifted away from one another to a great extent. Unfortunately, certain policies have been successful in separating Muslims and the hearts of Muslim groups from one another. Today, we need unity. (Jan 9, 2015)

The world of Islam is unfortunately deprived of unity in the present time. It is suffering from grave problems and from conflicts. When there is tumult and when there is conflict among Muslims, spirituality is undermined.  (Jul 6, 2016)

When tranquility, peace and security exist, then people will have the chance to add faith to their faith with good deeds, with attention to God and with dhikr. However, when the people in an Islamic country or in an Islamic group are afraid for their lives, their belongings and their security and when they do not benefit from security, there will not be any tranquility in that place either. And when tranquility does not exist, there will be no adding faith to faith either. Today, Muslims are in such a situation. (Jul 6, 2016)

In this vast region – which forms a great portion of the population of the whole world – if Muslim nations join hands in general orientations, not in details, then the world of Islam will achieve progress and transcendence. If they are seen together, this will exert great influence (Jan 9, 2015).
If we stay together even in our statements, this brings about greatness for the world of Islam and for the personality of the Islamic Ummah. (Jan 9, 2015)

The cry of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) – both before the victory of the Revolution and after the formation of the Islamic government – about the issue of unity paid off and our people became aware. This is the responsibility of everyone. Today, all Muslims throughout the world should think about the Islamic Ummah and Islamic unity. If we think of the Islamic Ummah, the interests of our countries will be safeguarded as well.  (Jan 9, 2015)

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