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Supreme Leader lauds Islamic Republic’s resistance

Imam-Ali-KhameneiSupreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Ali Khamenei Tuesday appreciated the resistance shown by the Iranian nation in the face of difficulties, and cautioned the US not to count on the post-election events in Iran as a means or platform for staging its plots against the Iranians.

“The Americans should not pin hope on some post-election issues and frenzies as the Islamic Republic of Iran is more profound and rooted than what they think and the Islamic Republic has surmounted much harder events than these issues,” Imam Khamenei stressed, addressing the students, pupils and the families of Iranian martyrs here in Tehran.

Referring to the US plots against Iran during the last 30 years after the Islamic Revolution, he underlined, “As long as the US administration maintains its arrogant spirit and threats, the Iranian nation will not be deceived by the fake conciliatory face of the US administration and will not give up its independence, freedom, national interests and rights at all.”

The Iranian Leader also reiterated that the US has done everything within its possibilities against the Iranian nation, and added this confrontation resulted in the further prosperity of the Iranian nation, progress of the Islamic Republic and increasing power of Iran and the Islamic Republic.

He underlined that the Iranian nation is seeking independence, freedom, national interests and progress in science and technology, and said if any country wants to disregard the Iranian nation’s rights, the people will stand against it with maximum power and will bring it to its knees.

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